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Centre of Excellence in Advanced Design (CEAD) is established in KC.IRI to bring “Science to Engineering” culture using “High Performance Computing” to address the technological needs of the country. It encourages students to use modern and advanced design tools for basic sciences and provides exquisite design experience through project – based learning guided by faculties from academia and industry training. The students are skilled for industry absorption and to inculcate Research and Development. The centre aids industries in fields of modelling, visualization, linear & non-linear analysis, optimisation, computational fluid dynamics, multi-body dynamics, crash analysis, fatigue life analysis and manufacturing solutions. It also enables students to face design challenges in Aerospace, Automotive, Civil, Electronics, Mechanical, Marine, Mechatronics, Energy, Textile and other domains. Regular training courses for students, faculty and industry engineers to update skill sets relevant to current design industry requirements and on industry specific design tools are conducted.

Renewable Energy Centre:

The KCT-EZON Centre for Research in Renewable Energy was created by KC.IRI in Collaboration with Ezon Energy Solutions (P) Ltd, Coimbatore, to develop technologies and conduct research in the field of Renewable Energy. M/s. Ezon Energy Solutions (P) Limited is a company with two world-class inventions (patent pending) to their credit, have installed over 120 solar power plant installations (both Roof Top and ground-mounted) across the country in 16 states. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is under research at the moment. Currently, five projects based on Gear Design, Motor Design, Remote Monitoring Systems (IoT, Wi-Fi and 4G Communications), Embedded systems, and New inverter technology is being developed jointly. CFRRE, is a multidisciplinary center supported by the Aeronautical, Mechanical, Automobile, Mechatronics and Electrical and Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation, and Electrical & Communications Departments of Kumaraguru College of Technology.

Innovation Centre for E-Mobility:

KC.IRI has established an exclusive centre for Electric vehicle development which focuses on the following.

EV Product Development Centre
EV Product development centre is established inside KCT for development of electric vehicles and products related to electric vehicle and defence sector.

EV Testing support for Industries.
KC.IRI has developed a testing centre for Industries to test EV Propulsion motors, Batteries, Controllers, Charging stations and KC.IRI extends other supports required to the Industry pertaining to Electric vehicle development.

EV Skill development Centre
KCT is prepared to meet the need of the hour in terms of student development, so KC.IRI has planned to develop a skill development centre focusing on skilling students and industry personal in the field of E-Mobility, where this centre provides practical training, short term courses through a EV Experience centre built inside KCT premises.