Kumaraguru Centre for Industrial Research and Innovation (KC.IRI), the research body of Kumaraguru Institutions was established in the year 2017 as a remembrance of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. KC.IRI is a focused Research & Innovation Ecosystem at KCT in symbiotic collaboration with industries for the promotion of industry-specific applied research, innovative product development, advanced learning, and skill development programs. It bridges across industry and the student, to provide support to enter industries and to improve projects which are evaluated by the industry experts. We strive to create a pool of skilled students in Design and Manufacturing through industry-specific certification programs in skill development under Skill-India / Make-in-India schemes by establishing Manufacturing Hubs by leading industries


  • KC.IRI connects Industry with KCT academia to facilitate research, development, and process improvement in industries and increase research output of KCT faculty.
  • Dedicated KC.IRI technical team executes projects with support of KCT faculty, student interns and industry experts for consulting, mentoring and guiding.
  • Effective project management process to ensure timely completion of projects with quality expected by industries.


  • The Product Team of KC.IRI is involved in cutting-edge product development activities on Autonomous Vehicles, E – Mobility, Renewable Energy, Smart Systems, the Internet of Things, etc.
  • Dedicated team to constantly interact with our Industry partners and provide research and development support to them.
  • To develop products and applications that are novel, disruptive, and innovative in nature.


  • KC.IRI is actively collaborating with industries to understand their expectation and skill gaps in Engineering graduates.
  • To impact the necessary skills to make them industry-ready, KC.IRI is offering advanced learning programs supported by Industry experts and mentors.